Contributor Voice
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Connect with your Patreons on a whole new level

Give your supporters an avenue to weigh in on your campaign and hear your biggest supporters the loudest!

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Find Creators giving their Contributors a new Voice

What is Contributor Voice?

Contributor Voice is a platform where Patreon creators can gather feedback with polls and surveys for their contributors. Creators can specify how to weigh contributor feedback in a few different ways. Feedback can be weighed by financial contributions per month, total contributions, or weigh every contributor evenly.

How does it integrate with Patreon?

When you log in to Contributor Voice, we connect directly to your Patreon account and ask you to let us request information about your Campaign and Members. This information allows us to figure out who is contributing toward your campaign and by how much.

What other integrations are supported?

Creators can link their GitHub account to their Patreon account on Contributor Voice. This allows us to scan your public GitHub Repositories and Organizations for issues you may wish to use/link in a poll or survey.

We are always open to improving our platform by adding integrations for additional sites. Please email us at with your suggestions!

How much does it cost?

As a Contributor, it does not and will never cost anything. Contributors can log in and participate without providing any financial information.

As a creator, you will need to (insert monitization scheme here).